State of Mind

In a world

Where people sit down in a white classroom with uncomfortable grey chairs, or sit down in front of beaming computers 24/7, people need to actually set time to go to exercise. Unfortunately, the iron weights for some people can be intimidating, and the treadmills can look malicious after watching a thousand Vine videos of people falling off the treadmill. Humans need an active lifestyle simply because binge watching Netflix shows is not a healthy lifestyle, although it does sounds like a perfect life. GoTime is here to get you active!

To maintain an active lifestyle you also want to maintain an active state of mind

Be Positive


Everybody likes to be around people who make them happy. If you have friends that rain on your parade, maybe you could look for a different group to get mimosas with on Sunday Funday. The main thing is to be positive about your goal, and this will help you achieve it. Be positive that you can accomplish your goal, whatever it may be. If music makes you happy while you work out, then please blast that music app as loud as possible. If reading a book or writing in a journal makes you feel positive and happy, then do it. Being positive can help you reach your goal.

Don't Give Up


Everyone has a bad day, or a bad week. But if your fitness goal is to lose weight, become more fit, or to try archery for that matter, don't give up. Life happens, and we all have challenges in our life, which make things more difficult to follow through. The main point is to not lose track of your goals, when you feel like life has hit you. Some recommendations in order to not lose track of your goals is to write on a post it note, and put it on a mirror, or wall in your room where you will see it constantly. Also, you can tell your friend about your resolution, and when they see you doing something like eating a box of oreos for lunch, they should be the one to remind you of your goal.

Be Persistent


If Stephen Curry didn't practice basketball, do you think he would be any good at shooting 3-pointers? Absolutely not. If you want to accomplish a goal, you have to be consistent with it. When you write down your resolutions, make sure to follow it up with how you choose on accomplishing that goal. For instance, if you want to workout more often, will you commit to working out in the morning or the evening? What will your plan be if you chose to workout in the morning? Obviously you will have to go to bed early if you chose to workout in the morning before work, or before your children wake up. Make a plan that will help you stay persistent in your goals.

Have Fun!


You don't have to stick to a boring gym routine. Pick an activity that you love doing or always wanted to try and start doing it, it will help you become good and keep up. GoTime will be able to help with the finding and the keeping up part.