Health Shots Recipe from Undercover Billionaire’s Monique Mosley

Health Shots Recipe from Undercover Billionaire’s Monique Mosley

Have you started watching Undercover Billionaire Season 2? It has three amazing entrepreneurs trying to create a million dollar business from zero. You should totally watch it.

Monique Mosley is one of those amazing entrepreneurs. From the first episode she realized a gap in the market for health juices and started working on her plan to bring those juices to the neighborhoods of Tacoma, WA where she was placed for the show.

As Monique went about creating her health juices she decided to make shots to boost immunity. As she talked about what goes into the shots, it sounded delicious. And when she gave people to try them, people seemed to absolutely love them.

Monique described how in the past she suffered from severe inflammation and felt unhealthy in general. When she went to see her natural doctor he said that it was an absolute necessity that she changes her diet.

These roots help eliminate any inflammation, which then eliminates disease. Juicing became a key component of her personal wellness program. She lots 30 pounds of inflammation in the first 3 months and she said it was life changing.

Here are the ingredients she used for the shots:

  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Dark cherries
  • A dash of Mint

Sounds delicious, right?

You can actually buy the ingredients and make those shots. In the show she purchased an inexpensive blender to make the juice shots.

Portions: Use 1/4 of ginger to each 1 lb of fruit and a couple of fresh mint leaves.

How you make the juice shots:

  1. Peel the ginger and turmeric and make thin slices of them
  2. Remove pits from the cherries
  3. Take a dash of mint
  4. Bland all the ingredients and extract the juice, or use a juicing machine to immediately get just the juice.
  5. Divide the juice to shot containers and place in the fridge.

If you take a shot in the morning and in the evening it will literally take out the inflammation out of your body consistently.

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