How to Get Your Dose of Fun and Fit This Summer

How to Get Your Dose of Fun and Fit This Summer

Hitting the gym for an hour to run aimlessly on a treadmill and attempt to complete a few sets on machines you’re not quite sure exactly how to use probably sounds just as boring as spending your summer stuck in the office or taking that summer math class you need to graduate on time. Work out routines can get repetitive, and with free time this summer being so limited, it’s a challenge to find the motivation and time for fitness!


With the weather being so nice and your summer break being so short, try these 5 fun summer fitness activities to heat up your work out routine:

1. Beach Volleyball

Calories burned: up to 570 per hour
Planning a trip to the beach this summer? Bring some friends and a ball to have your very own work out session on the beach. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Staying hydrated is also extremely important whenever you’re out and about in the summer heat, be sure to take care of your body so you can maintain your energy for fitness.


2. Kayaking

Calories burned: up to 340 per hour
Kayaking is described as ‘meditation on the water’. If you’re looking for an incredible upper body work out that you can do alone or with a partner, kayaking is a great outdoor option! It’s important to take lessons if you are new to kayaking, to ensure you get the most out of your experience.


3. Speedminton

Calories burned: up to 400 per hour
When racquetball, badminton, and tennis join forces, you get a cardio-intensive new game called ‘speedminton‘. This fun, high-intensity game can be played almost anywhere and incorporates all of your muscles. Play with friends, neighbors, or coworkers and get a full-body work out in at the same time!


4. Rollerblading or Inline Skatinginlineskating

Calories burned: up to 800 per hour
This great buns and thighs work out is a fantastic way to incorporate cardio while remaining low-impact. You can learn to do tricks, or keep it simple and go for a relaxing skate at your local park. Skating can be done in or outdoors, alone or with friends!


5. Rock climbing

Calories burned: up to 750 per hour
Whether you’re at a national park or meet a friend at a gym, rock climbing is a great way to build upper body strength, sharpen balance and hand-eye coordination, and decrease stress. It is important to do your research and work with an instructor who can share knowledge and safety tips if you are new to rock climbing.

Keep it moving

Whether you decide to stick to your gym routine, or mix things up with some fun summer fitness activities, the most important thing is to stay active and maintain your commitment to your physical health and wellbeing. If you are feeling bored or unmotivated, try changing it up. If you are seeing results and enjoy the routine you’ve got going, stick with it. Do what works best for you, but remember to have fun with it this summer!


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