5 Tips to Revamp your Fitness Routine

5 Tips to Revamp your Fitness Routine


Strive for progress, not perfection. 

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy, but it sure feels good when we work towards bettering ourselves. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to workout and eat healthy, and you’ve been going to the gym, but you don’t feel any better, use the tips below to help revamp your routine.

1. Focus on Yourself


Don’t forget to ask yourself what you want. Working out often feels like a chore simply meant to align ourselves with society’s views. However, it is much more than that. Health as well as overall physical fitness can assist in bringing happiness and wellness to your life. But first, you must ask yourself what you enjoy. While barre or pilates might be trendy, they might not be a perfect fit for you. Do your research, find what will motivate you to workout on a daily basis, and follow through with making a plan for that.

2. Rediscover your Purpose


Most of us workout for a reason; what is yours? Would you like to fit into your old jeans, run a half marathon, or simply work on improving your overall health? Whatever the case may be, remember to remind yourself of your purpose. This will aid you in reaching your goals quickly and with more confidence. Rediscovering why you want to workout will improve your motivation and increase the effectiveness of your workouts. You won’t feel like you are working out in vain, but rather for a greater purpose.

3. Rest and Reward


When working hard to achieve your goals, it is very important to take breaks and reward yourself for your achievements. Ensure that you utilize at least one day a week as a rest day. Furthermore, treating yourself when you accomplish something is a great way to motivate yourself to keep going. Go shopping, take a spa day, or order that expensive cappuccino. Often times we get stuck in a routine, we forget to rest, and we don’t reward. Allowing yourself time to rest and reset will give you time to reflect on how far you have come and what you want to do to keep moving forward.

4. Always Finish Strong


When you want nothing more than to quit, that is the time to push harder than ever. From beginning to end, give your all during your workout. Whether you are at the gym, jogging, or taking a zumba class, don’t phone your workout in, be strong and consistent until the very end. When you have finished your workout for the day, don’t forget to cool down properly. Stretch out each muscle with intention, take a few deep breaths, and thank yourself for working towards bettering yourself.

5. Eat Well and Sleep Well


It is easy to underestimate nutrition and sleep; however, both are important components in overall health. As you reevaluate your fitness routine, ensure that you are also receiving the proper nutrition as well as the right amount of sleep. This will enable you to feel fully energized and take advantage of each and every workout.

Exercising, eating right, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can often times feel like a real chore. When your fitness routine becomes all too overwhelming, use the tips above to help reevaluate and revamp your routine. Sometimes, all you need, is a little reflection!



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