A Guide to your Fall Workout Wardrobe

A Guide to your Fall Workout Wardrobe

Fall Workout Wardrobe

Wake up. Workout. Look Good. Kick butt!

As the leaves change color and fall weather comes in full swing, it is clear that it will soon be time to switch out your summer workout wardrobe. Equipping yourself with the correct type of workout gear is an extremely important aspect participating in a safe workout routine. If you have ever arrived to the gym in a tank top and headed straight for the weights, you know this to be true. Your body must be warm, not only to prevent injury, but to also reap maximum benefits from a full workout at the gym. Below, we have compiled a list of suggested workout gear for this fall season.

1. Tops


When the weather cools down, it is important to layer up. Wearing layers is especially important while working out as your body temperature will fluctuate quickly from cold to hot and back to cold. Imagine walking inside the gym for a training session, you are bundled up, and your muscles are cold and tight. The further you get into your workout, the warmer your body gets. When you are comfortable and it is safe, you are able to peel layers off and continue your workout undisturbed. Afterwards, you can layer back up to head out into the cold. Utilizing layers is the most effective way to stay safe and comfortable during the fall and winter seasons. A tank top, long-sleeve shirt, and jacket should do the trick! For warmer options, try temperature regulating workout tops or thermals. These can be found at any workout retailer or department store.

2. Bottoms

Fall Workout Wardrobe

As temperatures drop, it is time to trade in your running shorts for full-length yoga pants. For a more loose-fitting style, try wearing sweat pants instead. These styles will help to keep your muscles warm, not only before you workout, but after as well.  Furthermore, they will allow you to move freely during your workout. Changing your wardrobe for cooler weather should not mean that you will lose your large range of motion, bur rather it will help to ensure your safety during and after your workout. To add a trendy touch, search out yoga and sweat pants with a pattern or design on them. The stylish flair will keep you looking forward to your next trip to the gym!

3. Outerwear

Fall Workout Wardrobe

Buying proper outerwear for your fit lifestyle is an important aspect of layering up and keeping warm. Stock up on water resistant jackets, warm vests, and workout jackets meant to help regulate body temperature. These will assist in keeping your muscles warm even before your workout begins. You may also try wearing warm, fuzzy boots to the gym and changing into your running shoes after arriving. This will help keep even your toes warm on your way to workout.

4. Extras

Fall Workout Wardrobe

It’s important that no body part be forgotten. Stock up on gloves, hats, earmuffs, and warm socks to ensure that your fall workout wardrobe is complete. Just as with your fitness routine, every aspect of your wardrobe counts! Furthermore, what you put inside your body counts too. Don’t forget to hydrate despite the cold weather! Bring a water bottle with you to every class or session to ensure that your are feeding your body what it needs. You may even try drinking a cup of hot water with lemon before each class to help you stay both hydrated and warm.

It is inevitable that temperatures will drop and the leaves will change colors. It is a refreshing change from the dog days of summer; however, it requires a little work on our end. When headed to the gym, it is important to consider the cool weather and to dress appropriately. In the end, the most important thing to remember is to layer, layer, layer!








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