A Guide To The Workout Clothes You Need

A Guide To The Workout Clothes You Need

Why are workout clothes important?

Have you ever gone to a crossfit class, and after an hour of strenuous physical activity, came to the realization that your feet were hurting from wearing the wrong type of shoes? After leaving the crossfit class, did you realize that your pants were way too tight? Your second thought was probably, “Wow! I should have worn shorts instead.” From my own experience I once lost motivation to continue working out, only because I was embarrassed, and uncomfortable in the clothes that I was wearing to my cardio workout class. Workout apparel is essential for a healthy body, because tight pants could cut your circulation, and the wrong shoes could possibly hurt your feet or injure your knees. Today, you will find out what to wear in order to feel comfortable while working out.

Where to shop?

There are stores that supply workout clothes for every budget. Some stores include: Lululemon, Athleta, Target (the fitness section), Nike, Under Armour, etc. In addition, many studios and gyms sell workout clothing, and you can checkout their selection before or after the fitness class. A word of caution would be to try on the workout clothes before heading out to a fitness class. This might sound like a no brainer, but if you are going to be spending money on fitness classes and workout clothes, you probably should make sure the workout clothes are at least comfortable. Otherwise, you will be throwing money out the window, because you won’t go to another workout class if you are not wearing comfortable clothing.

What to wear?

Now on to the most important topic, and that is what should you wear to your fitness class.

1. First, black workout leggings are a must. Capri-length leggings are a good option, because it allows you to move freely for those Zumba or cycling classes. Make sure to buy pants that have a percentage of Lyrca or Spandex, since these make the pants stretchy. Men might feel most comfortable in basketball shorts, or jogger pants. These fabrics are usually stretchy, and easy to workout in.

2. Next, light weight shirts are important garments for both men and women. Have you ever gone to a fitness class wearing a cotton T-shirt, and later when you went to take a shower, you realized how sweaty and heavy your shirt was? Plenty of stores carry light weight shirts. For instance Lululemon has mesh shirts, and Nike has Dri-Fit shirts. Also make sure that your shirt is fitting, which means it’s not too tight, but it’s not loose either.

3. For women, make sure to find a supportive sports bra. There are many different styles of sports bra, and it is recommended to try them on to know what you like. Compression bras have shelf cups, and encapsulation bras are sports bras with individual cups. Some sports bras have wide straps or racerback straps. Also, some sports bras are pullover, or some have a back clasp.

4. Other imperative purchases are workout shoes and socks. Depending on the activity, make sure to invest in good quality shoes. For high impact classes, you want to have shoes that are stable, and have a good cushion. Asics, Nike, and Adidas all have a great selection of shoes. Socks are also important because nobody likes blisters. Make sure to wear new socks when working out, it is not recommended to wear socks with holes.

Good workout clothes are essential to an active lifestyle. Wearing comfortable workout apparel will inspire you, and motivate you to continue working out. Find and keep up with a studio or gym near you, have fun working out in your new comfortable clothes!

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