Reach Your Fitness Goals in The New Year: Find An Activity You Enjoy

Reach Your Fitness Goals in The New Year: Find An Activity You Enjoy

If 30 crunches five days a week is too daunting, then you should keep reading! Being consistent with fitness regimes is not only difficult, but also a little bit easier to forget about!

Change your lifestyle by including a habit that will help you commit to your fitness goals. The first step is to acknowledge that you will be more likely to commit to reaching your fitness goals by selecting an activity to stick to consistently. The second step is to find an activity that you enjoy, in order to make sure you will commit to it all year long.

In this article you will find four activities to commit to in the new year, in order to reach your fitness goals!


Basically cycling requires one main item: a bike! Cycling can be practiced either inside or outside. One of the benefits of cycling inside a building is that you are in a position where you don’t have to watch for cars, or trucks that might get in your way.

Cycling indoors is great, especially if you are in a city with unpredictable weather conditions. SoulCycle is an excellent cycling program you could check out too, however if it isn’t reasonable financially, there are plenty of other gyms that offer cycling classes.

If you decide to practice cycling outdoors, this may help you replace your car, which could help you save lots of money, and also help save the environment. In addition, if you are cycling outdoors, you will most likely have to wear a helmet.

Cycling helps contribute to a healthy lifestyle, because it burns calories and tones your muscles! Overall, people who cycle have less injuries than people who run. Cycling is a fun aerobic exercise, and it mostly works out your legs, and who doesn’t like toned legs? 😉

Rock Climbing

If you just watched the last season of Ninja Warrior, then now is your chance to try something you always wanted to try rock climbing!

Rock climbing is a thrilling and exhilarating sport, that can also be practiced outside or indoor. If you go to a rock climbing studio, you can rent the necessary equipment there. If you have never rock climbed before, make sure to go to a studio first, or with someone that is more experienced. If your goal is to build muscles in your upper body, as well as your lower body, this could be the activity for you. Rock climbing is a cardio workout just as much as it is a strength training workout. The activity is great if you want to overcome challenges, and build muscle.

Rock climbing contributes to a healthy lifestyle, because it is as much mental as it is physical. If you have ever climbed a wall before, you know it can be a great feeling to know you accomplished climbing all the way to the top!

Martial Arts/Karate

Karate is a self-defense training workout. The activity teaches you how to defend yourself, by kicking, punching, knee-strikes, elbow strikes, and open hand techniques. Karate improves your stamina, strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness. The activity instills self-confidence for dealing with confrontations, and motivation for achieving goals.

The essentials include: the gi (white cotton suit), the obi (karate belt), and the gum shield. 

Karate leads to a healthy lifestyle, because it teaches more than just physical techniques. It makes you more self-confident about defending yourself, and it helps you become stronger mentally.

Ballroom Dancing/Salsa Dancing

Whip out the dancing shoes, and a fun attitude, and you are on your way to a great cardio workout!

If there’s one fun workout out there, it is definitely dancing. Dancing is predominately social. Dancing has been around for a long time, and it is a fun activity, without actually feeling like a workout. Examples of pair dancing are: salsa dancing, ballroom dancing, foxtrot, waltz, chacha, samba, swing dancing, and a bunch others.

Dancing contributes to a healthy lifestyle, because socializing with other people promotes a positive self esteem. Also dancing gets you sweaty, and boosts your cardiovascular. Salsa dancing is another popular activity, that helps achieve good cardiovascular health.

Picking an activity to stick to all year long is excellent, because you train your body to be specialized in that activity. By choosing an activity you love, you will increase your commitment to doing that activity more than sticking to a fitness regime of 20 squats, and 20 pushups. If something isn’t fun for you, you can always try another activity. Think of turning your activity into a habit. For instance if you dedicate your time to cycling, it will be easier to reach your fitness goals, because you already made the activity part of your lifestyle.


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